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During pregnancy there are many changes that happen to breast, appearance, size, etc. this is due to hormones such as estrogen & progesterone that prepare your breasts for pregnancy and feeding.

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The reality is that not every mom has the ability or the want to breastfeed, due to various reasons. We strongly believe that informed moms, make informed decisions, so before feeding your baby formula, make sure that you have seen a midwife or Pediatrician about the types of formula and which ones are most likely to be suitable for your baby. The first thing to do when preparing powdered milk which is easy to mix, is to boil the kettle and cool the water to mix with the formula powder. Make sure that you wipe the top of the formula...

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This week we are going to focus more on your boobs, breastmilk and everything you need to know around this. Whether you are going back to work or if you just want to stock up on milk so that your partner can help, so that you can have a night off or if you would like to donate your milk to hospitals to feed babies in need. The best way to do this is to use a breast pump. You get various different types of breast pumps and when looking at getting one you need to keep a few things...

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Continuing on our blog theme of last week, we will be looking at your breast and breast feeding in a bit more detail this week. When breastfeeding the correct latch is very important, if you do not have the correct latch, your nipple will hurt with every feed! So, what is the correct way to latch?  Your Areola is like a bull’s eye for your baby, because their sight is not yet very well developed the darkened Areola is a way for the baby to focus on the are it needs to go to for feeding. Rubbing your nipple on...

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as such we want to focus on Nutrition for our babies and what this means for us, our bodies, our babies and our boobs. We asked Maternity Wellness Coach, Maletsholo Bless to give us her insights into all things Nutrition over the next few weeks.   During pregnancy there are various changes that happen to our breasts, its appearance changes, nipple sizes change, and many more things happen during pregnancy to prepare your breast for feeding. These changes are all due hormones such as Estrogen & Progesterone that is starts to be released...

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