A break from all the “helpful” advice – need we say more?

A break from all the “helpful” advice – need we say more?

If you are going to travel during pregnancy, here are some important tips to remember:

  • Check for restrictions – Are you going to a high malaria area or anywhere vaccines are required before you travel? This will determine where you can or cannot go. Also bring a signed document from your doctor stating your due date and that you’ve been approved for travel. Some airlines require this.
  • Agree where to go – if it’s a staycation or a destination, its important you both agree where you’re going and what you plan on doing (or not doing)
  • Make sure to move: Sitting for long hours on a plane, train or car is bad for your circulation, especially if you’re pregnant. You’ll want to get up and walk around the airplane for a few minutes every hour.
  • Stay hydrated: Airplanes have a way of dehydrating your body so drink water throughout the flight. You’ll have to pee more, but getting up to find the loo will also help your circulation.

So if you are able to sneak away on that baby-free holiday, do it! Or if you can’t get away for a long trip, be sure to schedule at least a weekend away, or at least tell people you are away and stay home; to give you and your partner some well deserved R&R before embarking on your parenthood journey.  Just remember, you’ve got this Mama! x

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