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All about that Base - Mii Foundations

Welcome back beauties,  we hope you love all the tips on how to find your best foundation.  One this that is just as important as what goes on your face is what ingredients are put in them. 

We have always believed in using skin-loving ingredients for our makeup and our foundations are not short of them. 

Skin Loving BB Cream

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Contains amino rich Soya extracts to help combat the skins of aging and a built in primer to smooth skin

Illuminating Face Base

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Contains fragrant Nasturtium Flower and Cornish Samphire that have anti-aging benefits

Flawless Face Base

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Contains Chilean Tree Bark, used for its anti-oxidants properties as well as nourishing Seaweed Extract.

Mineral Irresistible Face Base

Contains Iron Oxides, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for sun protection and healing properties as well as Amethyst and Quartz to energize the complexion.

Absolute Face Base

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Contains Pomegranate Moisture Complex to hydrate as well as gotu kola to stimulate collagen.

One other bonus is all of our foundations have and SPF coverage from 10 to 45.

Check in next week for our monthly tutorial video. 

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