Be Breast Friends With your Boobs - Know your lemons

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Be Breast Friends With your Boobs - Know your lemons

Small, medium or large, we all have them! We’re back and here to talk about your perfect pair, your breasts.  Now this is an area of a woman that can get left out of a beauty routine very easily and sometimes is the one part of our body (groan) that gets the most attention.

We want to talk all about how your breasts age and ways you can slow this process down.  One thing to remember is your chest is not just your breasts it also includes your décolleté and this area will give away your true age pretty quickly if its not looked after properly and it is often ignored when applying moisturizers and sunscreen. 

Some of the main causes of aging on the décolleté and how to fight it:

  • Excessive sun exposure – wearing a sunscreen of at least 15 daily reduces your exposure to the aging ray of the sun, but don’t forget that UV rays can also happen indoors from certain light bulbs (offices are infamous for theses)
  • Cigarette smoking – this one is pretty simple, quit. Cigarettes (this includes e-cigarettes) speed up the aging process 10 fold by narrowing the blood vessels and restrict blood flow to the skin. There are tons of quit smoking aids out there, to help you if you need.
  • Excess weight loss and lack of exercise – this may seem strange, as losing weight is a good thing, but without exercise to stimulate your blood and oxygen as well as build muscle. Your skin will hang instead of tighten along with your weight loss. This also applies if you lose weight to quickly.
  • Reduction in hormone levels – This is due to menopause, one option is HRT, but this also has contraindications as well. You can replace oestrogen naturally by upping your intake of foods like yams.  
  • Gravity –this one unfortunately we cannot stop, but we can support the skin with high quality actives and ingredients that support collagen and elastin function (go read lasts months blog for more info on these) and keep your skin hydrated and happy!
  • Free radicals - these nasty little things are the root cause of aging in our bodies.  You can up your antioxidant intake as they fight free radicals.

Sagging or drooping is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point. Our breasts are no exception here and can often sag well before we thought they would.  Some of the main causes are:

  • Breast Involution – the milk making system inside the breast shrinks. There is a misconception that if you don’t breast feed this wont happen, but throughout pregnancy your breasts grow and your milk will still come in. You can protect your breasts by wearing proper support through your pregnancy and if you choose to breastfeed as well as apply creams that support the stretch and snap back of your skin.
  • Gravity – pulls the breast down, stretching the ligaments and skin – degree of drooping depends on elasticity of skin and ligaments. To prevent too much sag proper support is always key – most women are actually wearing their bra incorrectly and in the wrong size read about it here
  • Weight loss – fat disappears and ligaments inside the breast do not retract properly. Exercise as discussed is one way to help this but also be sure to wear a good sports bra during exercise – active sports such as jogging (stretches coopers ligament).
  • Menopause – Collagen and elastin degeneration from the aging process affect the skin of the breast – tissue inside the breast shrinks and skin surrounding it doesn’t. Again unfortunately we cannot stop Mother Nature but we can have good skin nutrition (more on that in the next couple weeks).

Breast augmentation, which include lifts, enlargements or reductions can also be an option to correct sagging.  If this is something you are considering, do your research and talk to a few doctors and ask a lot of questions before settling on one. You don’t want to wind up on an episode of Botched! ;)

One important thing we need to be doing every month to ensure breast health is a self-breast exam.  We love the simple explanation that the campaign has to offer.  The most important thing to be aware of is, when in doubt contact you doctor and they can assess the situation.  Early detection can save your life!

How breast cancer can look and feel

Also it is important to know your risk level.


We know this can sometimes be a confusing and also very scary thing, but unfortunately breast cancer doesn’t discriminate against age, race or even gender. If you are still confused on how to perform a self-breast exam, we found a great video from Discovery Health - watch it here

Check back in a few days for more on how to be Breast Friends with Your Boobs!

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