Breast Cancer Awareness - What to expect when breast feeding

Breast Cancer Awareness - What to expect when breast feeding

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as such we want to focus on Nutrition for our babies and what this means for us, our bodies, our babies and our boobs. We asked Maternity Wellness Coach, Maletsholo Bless to give us her insights into all things Nutrition over the next few weeks.  

During pregnancy there are various changes that happen to our breasts, its appearance changes, nipple sizes change, and many more things happen during pregnancy to prepare your breast for feeding.

These changes are all due hormones such as Estrogen & Progesterone that is starts to be released to prepare your breasts for feeding. One of the first signs of pregnancy is breast enlargement where your breasts increase in size and tenderness, your nipples becomes more prominent or sticks out and hardens. The Areola which is the darkened area around the nipple gets even darker, this happens so that your baby can clearly see your nipple and then knows where to go for his or her milk.

Caring for your breast and nipples are one of the most important things to do when breastfeeding to ensure that both you and your baby stays healthy and happy. There are Montgomery glands around the nipple which secrete oil, the function of this oil is to keep your breasts clean and moist. Using traditional soap and gels dry them out and leaves them with a bad taste.

Some of the best ways to care and clean your nipples are:

  • Wash your breast with clean, warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Wash your hands before and after a feeding with clean water.
  • One of the most useful things to do after feeding to unsure your nipples stay strong and healthy is to rub a little bit of excess Breastmilk onto the nipple, allow to air dry and repeat at least 2-3times before covering up again.

Moisturizing & nourishing breast tissue is just as important as caring for your nipples:

  • I would recommend that the skin be nourished and moisturized with a product which is high in Omegas.
  • Layering product instead of mixing product is the most effective way of using product. For example, Mama Mio "Tummy rub oil" which will strengthen the skins elasticity should be applied first to make sure that it is well absorbed into the skin. Second layer would be the Mama Mio Tummy butter for the double punch on increasing the skin's elasticity     

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Stretchmarks (striae gravidarum) on breasts- are caused by hormonal changes that affect the skin. The best way to prevent them is to make sure that the skin is fed with enough Omega’s as it stretches, the stretch marks are caused when the Dermis tears due to a lack of moisture, if you feed your skin enough moisture like the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter and Oil, your skin should be less likely to tear.

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If you already have stretch marks or started to get stretchmarks, I would recommend Mama Mio Goodbye Stretchmarks which minimizes the appearance of new & old stretchmarks ;) as long as they are less than 10years. When trying to reduce stretchmarks you want to increase the collagen level in your skin so that it can heal.

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Stay tuned for next weeks blog where we talk about latching, Colostrum, engorgement

clogged ducts, when to feed, how long to feed, breastfeeding supplies, Moms diet when feeding as well as Moms atmosphere when feeding.

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