Orange peel, hail damage, cottage cheese thighs – were talking more about cellulite.

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Orange peel, hail damage, cottage cheese thighs – were talking more about cellulite.

Orange peel, hail damage, cottage cheese thighs whatever nickname you want – were talking more about cellulite.

We know the main causes of it and we cant change our genetics – but there are a few life style changes you can make to prevent it or minimize existing.

Our daily routines have us spending more time sitting that we are moving, which is also detrimental on our legs.  Cellulite is tied with circulation and the more circulation you get to your legs the better.  Technology now a days makes it easier to remind us to get up and move – set your phone or your smart watch to tell you to get moving every hour for at least a min.  It gets your circulation going and gives your legs a bit of a stretch. It might not feel like your doing much but small changes can go a long way.

If you needed one more health reason to quit smoking, this is it. Cigarette smoke can reduce blood vessel flow, which will weaken and disrupt the formation of collagen. That causes the connective tissue to stretch, weaken, and become damaged more easily. As a result, more underlying fat—aka cellulite—will show through.

Too much salt and not enough fluids – dehydration causes thinner weaker skin and has a greater chance of showing cellulite.  Highly processed foods are also a big culprit in contributing to cellulite. These foods produce free radical damage, which reduce the integrity of collagen. 

One that even surprised us is clothing – specifically tight fitting like compression leggings.  While it may temporarily keep everything tucked in, tight fitting clothing can have the reverse effect if they cut off circulation and limit blood circulation.

A big one we also like to avoid is exercise! One more good reason to find time to hit the gym. Physical activity helps with blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage.  Check back with us next week as we chat more about what exercises you can do as well as what foods you can eat to give your bum a boost!

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