Final Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 1

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Final Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 1

Welcome back Mama’s!  We’re going to chat all about your final trimester this month and all the great things to come.  On the radar for the blog is all about your hospital bag, baby moons and the stresses you may be feeling leading up to your big day of meeting your bundle of joy and how to ease your mind.

So lets jump in to the fun stuff!  What to pack in that hospital bag??  If you have already done your antenatal classes you will have been given a ton of information of what you’ll need for your stay at the hospital. We’re here to give you real advice from experienced Mom’s who have been there done that!  Outside of the obvious ones like baby’s car seat for when you go home.

What to pack for baby

Now the hospitals do give a couple of things, but if your unlucky like me and go into labour on a Friday late afternoon, they unfortunately didn’t have a few things, so advice here is pack like you’re not getting anything.

Newborns are super small and get cold really quickly, so the important thing here is warmth and plenty of it.  Depending on how long you’ll be in hospital (C-sections your in longer) plan to pack for that many days +2 for bubs – they do poop more than spit up at this point, and lets be honest, if this is your first go, you’re still learning how to put a nappy on so there will be leaks.

What we found to be the most convenient way to fit all of yours and babies things together is put baby’s things in sandwich bags. They are so tiny each day will fit into a 1 liter bag.  Each bag should have:

  • Baby Beanies
  • Newborn mittens (their hands are totally new to them and their nails are sharp)
  • Babygrow/Body Vest
  • Leggings or socks
  • Muslin receiving blanket
  • Nappies (this you’ll have to pack separate to the clothes)
  • If you are particular on what you want to wash your baby with or a certain bum cream, bring these along as well other wise you will just have what the hospital provides

If you are going home in winter, remember warmer clothes or a winter suit for the car ride home.

What to pack for you

Comfy is key here!  You’re going to be spending a lot of time laying (if you have a cesarean you will be in bed until you can feel your legs again) in bed and loving up with your new bubs. One thing not a lot of people tell you is that the night after you give birth you will wake up soaked from perspiration so pack for this too, this is due to a rush of hormones (no, they don’t ever leave us alone) these hormones are the ones that prep you to breastfeed (if you choose to do so) Here is a tried and true list for what you really need for your stay:

  • 2 pairs of Comfy pajamas or lounge wear or gown that can accommodate breastfeeding, also remember your tummy is not going to your pre-baby shape for a bit, so think loose around your tummy as to not cut in and be uncomfortable, this also applies if you have a C-section as you wont want anything rubbing against your stitches
  • Slip slops or shower shoes – you will be taking a shower while you are there
  • Face cloths
  • Nursing bras
  • Underwear (they do provide maternity panties at hospital but they’re not pretty and they are mesh,) this is more for when you are going home
  • Extra large pads, or Post birth pads (you do bleed quite a bit after birth, this is normal, don’t panic – especially when you stand for your shower)
  • Hair ties
  • If you wear contacts, rather just bring and wear your glasses
  • Earplugs and Eye masks (especially if you are in a shared room)
  • Headphones – if you want to watch T.V
  • Toiletries – the basics here and if you can travel sizes
  • Make-up – this is a personal choice but all we used in hospital was mascara and a bit of lippie
  • Your favorite snacks/drinks….because, hospital food.
  • Clothes to go home in
  • Breast pads – Your milk may or may not come in while you are in hospital, better to be safe than sorry

Also remember if you forget anything; ask your partner or family and friends who will be visiting you to bring you what ever you need. 

You’ve got this Mama! x

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