Fourth Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 2 - Say yes to help offered

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Fourth Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 2 - Say yes to help offered

You know the expression “It takes a village to raise a child”?  This is probably one of the most important things to take advantage of.  One thing people inherently love to do is help, especially for a new Mom.  Were back with some tips for your tribe and how you can guide them to help you in those first few weeks.

  • Set the expectation – If you know you’re not going to want to see anyone for the 1st couple weeks while you get your parenting chops down or you just want to have that special bonding time, speak up. Otherwise you will have some unwanted visitors that have no idea.  Let people know when you are ready for them to come meet your baby.  You set the expectation.
  • Meals – If your partner burns even water, this is the time your village can also jump in. Make a sign up sheet for the week and your visitors can make meals for you and your family so you can focus more on your baby than on what to eat.
  • Take the help – Mom guilt is real (I had it baaaad) but this is the time to let it go. If someone offers to look after your little one so you can shower, sleep, or even get out of the house for your nails or hair, say YES!  You will be much better off for doing so.  Self-love goes a looooong way, especially in the early weeks of motherhood.
  • Delegate – Mama, this is the time!! Building off our last point, if people offer their help, let them know how they can help you.  Do you have dishes that need to be washed, laundry that needs some attention, things that you need from the shop or even some love for your fur babies?  If you don’t let your village know what needs to be done, they will do what might not need to be and your worse off than you started.
  • Be selective – you want to be careful on who is in your village at this time. Minimize the chance for drama in this already stressful time by “weeding” those people that give you more grief than support.  The last thing you need is a judgy Judy telling you what she thinks you’re doing wrong.

Also remember it's ok to say no too.  You can say no to your family or friends, for whatever reason.  Just always remember they are there to give you support and love and make your new journey as easy as it can be from the beginning.

What happens if you don’t have family and friends readily close by or you’re on your own?  There are so many services that are available to help when those close to you cannot. 

  1. Hire a cleaning service and gardening service
  2. Cook and freeze meals while you’re still pregnant
  3. Hire a doula or night nurse
  4. Ask your neighbours for help – you will be pleasantly surprised on how much people really will help

Just remember however your village helps, Mama you’ve got this! x

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