Fourth Trimester Pregnancy Guide - One for the Dad's

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Fourth Trimester Pregnancy Guide - One for the Dad's

An amazing thing that hormones do (yes there is one) is, once we give birth we release hormones that allow us to bond with our babies and this leads to one thing you maybe guilty of as a new Mom; being super protective of your new baby, after all they have grown inside of you for the last 9 months.  But keep in mind is it took 2 of you to create this bundle of love.  We’re chatting this week about things you can do to get your partner involved.  Encourage them to take an active role in baby care but remember to let them do things their way; they are also navigating being a new parent.  Also your partner’s time to bond with baby is also very important for building their own special relationship with the baby.

I asked my husband what advice he would give to new dads and the biggest thing he said was “Get stuck in” don’t watch from the sidelines and watch your partner struggle.  Here are a few tips on how to facilitate just that.

Take shifts – this is a great way for both of you to get some solid sleep.  My husband was awesome at taking the early shift in the night; he bathed and put our son down so I could get a leg up on a couple hours of sleep before his next feed.  

Baby wearing – if you haven’t bought one yet, go out and get one.  This by far was the most used baby item in our house.  It gives your partner a change for some closeness and your body a break.

Put important appointments in his diary – Don’t underestimate that he would want to miss the appointments at the pead.

Take turns with the not so fun stuff – nappy changes being the key here as well as winding – crazy things come out of both ends of newborns!!  Also get him involved with the cleaning and sterilizing of bottles and dummies.

Keep their point of view in mind, you both have ideas on how to do things and you may learn a few tricks from each other and mama DON’T HOVER!!  He’s also got this; give him the opportunity to prove that his is more than capable.

One thing I have learned from my husband is men are cut and dry.  Tell him what you need without sounding demanding and just be direct and to the point.  Don’t expect that they know what to do if you don’t say what you need.  This new parenting gig is a learning curve for both of you and can bring you both even closer together.  Trust me you cannot love your partner more than when you see them tenderly loving your beautiful baby. 

Stay tuned for next week! 

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