Keeping your Skin Tight - Part 3

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Keeping your Skin Tight - Part 3

By now at some point in your life you have heard the expression, “You are what you eat”.  Well, there is a lot of truth to that statement and when it comes to your skin, what you put inside your body reflects on the outside. I’m sure you’ve seen what happens to your skin when you’ve had a bad run with junk food (we’ve all been there) you’ve binged on pizza, sweets and cool drink and you wake up one morning and you’ve got some not so nice pimples that have invaded your face.  Or you’ve had a weekend of drinking and the whole next week your complexion looks sallow and ruddy.

What you may or may not know is that your skin is the largest organ in your body, but it is also the last to receive any of the “good stuff”, so that is why it is equally important to feed it with good things externally and internally. 

Get your pens and paper ready, its time to make an anti-aging shopping list to feed your skin, and aid in support for collagen and elastin.  Nutrients to keep an eye out for include:

Omegas Also know as fatty acids (good fat) may lead to smoother, younger-looking skin with a visible reduction in inflammatory skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. Found in foods like mackerel, salmon tuna, grass-fed meat, flax seed, chia seed, hemp seeds and avocado.

Proline an important compound responsible for tissue repair, collagen formation. Found in foods like egg whites, meat, cheese, soy, and cabbage.

Anthocyanins are rich in antioxidants and great for fighting free radicals, as well as offer anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefits. Found in foods like blackberries, blueberries, cherries, and raspberries.

Ever wonder why Vitamin C is such a popular ingredient in skincare?  Well it’s because it actually enhances collagen synthesis. You’ll find it in oranges, strawberries, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, dark leafy greens, and peas.

Copper helps your body make red blood cells and keeps nerve cells and your immune system healthy. It also helps form collagen as well as being an antioxidant. Found in foods like shellfish, nuts, red meat, and some drinking water.

Vitamin A is a necessary vitamin for the body; symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include hair loss, skin problems and a weakened immune system. Occurring in animal-derived foods like liver and eggs. Also in plant foods as beta-carotene – Carrots, sweet potatoes, kale and spinach.

Lycopene another amazing source of powerful anti-oxidants: Found in beets, tomatoes and red peppers, guava, watermelon and papaya.

Garlic offers Lipoic acid and Taurine, both of which help rebuild damaged collagen.


So after you’ve run out to the shops and bought all your skin feeding food and you get a craving for junk foods just repeat the mantras…. “Good foods and great skincare every day helps keep the face and body lifts away”. Also “Berries before Botox” ;) 

Stay fit and fabulous x

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