Keeping your Skin Tight - Part 4

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Keeping your Skin Tight - Part 4

Welcome back fit skin gang!  The last blog in our month series is all about exercise to help tone up! You now know what causes the skin to stretch and how to help it from the inside out. If you’re just joining in, you’re not too late go back and read our previous posts for some awesome info! I’m not going to get too wordy in this one as exercise is a see and do kind of thing.  So get your mats out or go to the gym and let us know what some of your faves were!

We loved some of these yoga poses for an all over tone body from  You can also sign yourself up for an Ashtanga or Vinyasa class to get some amazing body and mind benefits!

Yoga not your thing?  No problem, head to the gym for more hi-intensity workouts (HIIT) as well as Barre classes spinning or weight lifting help to increase muscle tone.

One of our in-house Mio favorites is the Skin Tight™ The Triceps Toner – its found in every box of Skin Tight™ so don’t throw your leaflets away, they are packed with tons of helpful info! 

Say goodbye to bingo wings! By doing these movements lying down, you will avoid any incorrect posture. You will need a little weight (a large bottle filled with water in each hand will be perfect). The Triceps Toner is an exercise in 2 parts. Both work the same muscle, the triceps, but focus on different areas, while you work the entire triceps. Try to do 10 repetitions (x10) of the Triceps Toner A and then 10 repetitions of the Triceps Toner B (a total of 20 repetitions).

1. Start by lying down, with your knees bent and your back flat. Grab 2 large bottles filled with water, one in each hand.

2. Position your hands with the bottles behind your head, with your elbows bent, as shown in the figure

3. Keeping the upper part of the arm as still as possible, extend the arms up to position B. Do not lock the elbows, you can bend them slightly. Really focus on the triceps muscle.

4. Lower your arms to Position A again in a slow and controlled manner, and repeat the exercise 5-10 times. Note how the triceps are tensed when your arms are extended.

5. Repeat the exercise, but with a slightly different start and finish position: this time holding the bottles in Position C, closer to the ears, and extending the arms to Position D. As before, try to keep the upper arm as still as possible for the triceps to do the work.


Tips to remember:

Don’t use your wrists; keep your hands and wrists relaxed. Don’t use your shoulders at all. The key to this exercise is to really think about that triceps muscle that runs from your elbow to shoulder.

Let us know what some of your all time favorite body toning exercises are, sharing IS caring!! 

Until next time Fit Skin Gang. x

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