Being mindful is all about being present and doing things with purpose.  This is especially true during pregnancy.  These 9 months although seeming like 9 years at some points, is a very poignant time in your life.  

Our lives now days are extremely fast paced and multi-tasking is like second nature to most of us.  Pregnancy is a perfect time to start practicing mindfulness, it’s good for your mental health to remain in the moment and allow each day to pass as slowly as possible. Relish in each moment if you will.  I know personally, I would have slowed down a lot more in my own pregnancy and marveled at all the tiny miracles happening everyday.

The Mama Mio team partnered with Melissa Schweiger Kleinman for some great tips on how to practice mindfulness during your pregnancy.

  • Rather than multitasking, try monotasking. At lunchtime, actually sit down and eat your lunch rather than try and sip a soup, check Instagram and pay bills at the same time.
  • Stop checking your emails every five minutes. It takes your brain anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes to get back to where it was after you’ve checked your email. Set your phone so new emails only get delivered every 30 - 60 minutes and tell your boss and your family to text you for emergencies.
  • Keep a diary during your pregnancy. Splurge on a beautiful paper journal and start writing down your thoughts every day with good old-fashioned pen and paper.
  • Under schedule yourself. Now is the time to enjoy moments to yourself, because in just a few months you’ll need to lock yourself in the bathroom in order to get some alone time! Look at your schedule and edit it down to activities that are necessary, like going to the doctor, or things that bring you real joy.

Another really great way to practice mindfulness and something you can carry on with far after your baby has arrived is meditation.  Meditation is centered on the approach of training your mind, and much like you need to go to the gym on a regular basis to properly train your muscles, you need to practice mindful meditation regularly as well. The more you do it, the easier it will become, and the more you can apply mindfulness to everyday life.  So slow down and enjoy all the little things during your pregnancy, it’s a miracle only some can dream about.

You’ve got this Mama x

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