Preparing you for the 4th Trimester

Preparing you for the 4th Trimester

You’ve read the books, bought all the stuff and you’re about as prepared as your going to be and its go time!

Welcome back Mama’s! This month its all about the 4th trimester – this trimester starts after your bundle has arrived and consists of the first 3 months of being a new parent and getting into the groove of something that is all instinct and comes with no manuals.

The first 6 weeks of parenthood can feel a bit like a blur filled with a lot of new things, you’re getting used to being a new Mom as well as building a relationship with your new baby or babies. You’re trying to get the hang of your baby’s cues for sleep, hunger and comfort, all while being horribly sleep deprived.  But hang tight – once you’ve crossed this milestone its all worth it for an amazingly precious gummy smile at the end of those crazy 6 weeks.  You’ll look back and think how did we make it out alive?!?

In these first few weeks all your little person really does is eat and sleep, so hunker down mama and make yourself comfy, cause trust us once they start moving you’ll wish for these more quiet dreamy days.

Create a feeding station – if your breast or bottle feeding you’re going to be in one place while feeding for the most part; as you get the hang of things make it comfy and convenient have things handy like some snacks and water for you, the remote for the T.V, phone and charger, facial tissues, muslin cloth for any baby messes and a feeding pillow.

Feed yourself! This may seem silly to have to tell you this, but in the first few weeks your not going to have much time for cooking, But make sure your getting enough calories as this will help sustain your much needed energy and is even more important if your going to breastfeed, as this will help with your supply.  Also no one tells you just how ravenous you get when you are breastfeeding!

Prepare for a roller coaster of emotions!!  Those pesky hormones are still up to their tricks and you may go from crying to mama lion at the drop of a dummy.

Sleep – as much and as often as you can!!  You are also healing, and you’re sleep is broken as baby’s tummy is tiny and needs to feed about every 2 hours.  Don’t feel guilty; leave the dishes, the laundry and the cleaning up.  You need this time to bond and rest.  Everything else will fall into place.

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