Reclaim your body

Reclaim your body

We thought we’d end off with a bit of a giggle and some good advice.  Your body has been through a 9 month long marathon and now its time to reclaim what is yours.  The most important thing here is to give yourself time and be patient.  What took you 9 months to grow can sometimes take a little longer to return back. 

  • Keep it moving – one thing that is vital no matter how you gave birth is you need to move. You have nearly double the blood running in your body by the time you give birth and it takes about 3-4 months for that to go back to normal levels.  Standing, walking and stretching also gets your blood moving and can help prevent blood clots. Small steps to exercise will also help you to start feeling like yourself again.  You can strap baby on in a carrier or push them in their pram and go for a nice long walk, you both will get the benefit from.  Happy Momma = Happy Baby
  • Wrap it up – Use this time to take advantage of the fact that you still have Relaxin (the stretching hormone) in your body. Using bellybands helps to bring your abdomen and hips back to where they were. 
  • Continue to eat well and take your vitamins and stay hydrated!
  • Don’t compare yourself with the latest celebrity who gave birth and is back in a size 0, they have resources that the rest of us don't have after baby is born. This includes personal trainers, chefs, and nannies, all of whom allow the celebrity new mom to devote serious time to getting back to their pre-baby body.
  • Don’t over do it! – Stay away from strict diets and extreme exercise especially if you have had a C-section or are breast-feeding. Accept that progress now is incremental and overdoing it can hurt you more than it can help you now. 
  • Get a massage! Now more than ever your body will benefit from a message, this also helps ease your body back into shape and is a great break for you.


One of best things about our brand is that is was created by women for women – Now’s the time to head over to our sister page Mio skincare for some great products and exercise tips.  Products like Get Waisted, Boobtube + and Skin Tight will aid your journey back to your pre-baby jeans.  Mama you’ve got this! x

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