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This month we are focusing all on our new and advanced Retin Repair products.  Juliette Armand is always looking for advanced technologies, JA took another step in finding the best form of retinol (Vitamin A) for the skin, without the irritation that using this popular skincare ingredient usually comes with.  Lets start with a bit of chemistry to understand how this ingredient works.  You should be familiar with Retinol and may be familiar with Retinoic Acid.  Retinol is allowed in cosmetics and Retinoic Acid is only allowed in prescription medication. In skincare products, either a retinol or an ester coming from...

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After last weeks blog you might be feeling a bit like a cosmetic chemist ;)  Let's tie all those amazing ingredients together and chat about the 2 of the products from the range.  We are super excited about all the benefits this range has to offer and we hope after reading you will be too! Brightening Serum A serum offering brightness and glow. Suitable for skin with pigmentation problems and spots. It improves the appearance of the skin and offers an even skin tone. Containing ingredients that provide a uniform skin tone. The synergistic effect of the ingredients aims both at...

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If you are just joining in, we are talking all about pigmentation and last week we focused on the 4 common types of hyperpigmentation.  This week we are turning our attention towards some powerhouse ingredients to combat pigmentation. Not all brightening actives are created equally and to insure maximum results, Juliette Armand combined powerful active ingredients in each product to gently but effectively reduce hyperpigmentation. Insuring the safety of our products, you will never find questionable actives in our Glow range, such as Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone. Here are a few of our key ingredients found in the different products...

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Lets get glowing!  We’re chatting this month about the all-new Glow range to help you be a glow-getter. One thing besides hydration that gives you that glow is an even skin tone.  Which is why JA has created the products in the Glow Therapy Range – these products work to give you a more even, bright and glowy tone to your skin. We wanted to start off by talking about the common types of pigmentation before we look at the actives to help correct them. Inflammatory When our skin feels under attack, our melanocyte cell sends melanin to the skin’s...

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Your Mom’s or Grandma’s or if you ever read the Judy Blume book “Are You There God? Its Me Margaret” will remember the chant “We must, we must! We must increase our bust!” while exercising.  While the size of your breast doesn’t matter, the one part to take away is the exercise bit.  Were continuing our chat about breast health and the many ways you can keep them perky and happy!  First lets look at some great exercises you can do to keep the pectoral muscles happy – doing this will give you a natural breast lift as the lie...

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