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During pregnancy there are many changes that happen to breast, appearance, size, etc. this is due to hormones such as estrogen & progesterone that prepare your breasts for pregnancy and feeding.

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Your Mom’s or Grandma’s or if you ever read the Judy Blume book “Are You There God? Its Me Margaret” will remember the chant “We must, we must! We must increase our bust!” while exercising.  While the size of your breast doesn’t matter, the one part to take away is the exercise bit.  Were continuing our chat about breast health and the many ways you can keep them perky and happy!  First lets look at some great exercises you can do to keep the pectoral muscles happy – doing this will give you a natural breast lift as the lie...

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Small, medium or large, we all have them! We’re back and here to talk about your perfect pair, your breasts.  Now this is an area of a woman that can get left out of a beauty routine very easily and sometimes is the one part of our body (groan) that gets the most attention. We want to talk all about how your breasts age and ways you can slow this process down.  One thing to remember is your chest is not just your breasts it also includes your décolleté and this area will give away your true age pretty quickly...

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