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Our Next 2 products joining in the Retinoid Range are the advanced Retinoid C Serum (formerly known as Retin-C Serum) Re 318 and Retinoid C Cream (formerly known as Retin-C 24H Cream) Re 505.  These products have been a favorite for a long time for their amazing benefit to the skin and with their advanced formulations you will get even better results.   Retinoid C Serum helps to improve the appearance and quality of the skin with a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation problems and dark spots, enhancing its luminosity and resulting in an even skin tone.    ...

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This month we are focusing all on our new and advanced Retin Repair products.  Juliette Armand is always looking for advanced technologies, JA took another step in finding the best form of retinol (Vitamin A) for the skin, without the irritation that using this popular skincare ingredient usually comes with.  Lets start with a bit of chemistry to understand how this ingredient works.  You should be familiar with Retinol and may be familiar with Retinoic Acid.  Retinol is allowed in cosmetics and Retinoic Acid is only allowed in prescription medication. In skincare products, either a retinol or an ester coming from...

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This month we are chatting all about the new active ingredients in Juliette Armand.  Each week we will take deeper look into one of the new technologies JA is using. One thing to look at is how all those active ingredients get into the skin.  One thing to understand is that the concentration of an active isn’t relative, the delivery system is. Because without a good delivery system, actives simply sit topically and ultimately evaporate away no matter how expensive they are – The outermost layer of the skin (Stratum corneum) is a barrier in itself and to get actives...

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