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After last weeks blog you might be feeling a bit like a cosmetic chemist ;)  Let's tie all those amazing ingredients together and chat about the 2 of the products from the range.  We are super excited about all the benefits this range has to offer and we hope after reading you will be too! Brightening Serum A serum offering brightness and glow. Suitable for skin with pigmentation problems and spots. It improves the appearance of the skin and offers an even skin tone. Containing ingredients that provide a uniform skin tone. The synergistic effect of the ingredients aims both at...

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Welcome back fit skin gang!  The last blog in our month series is all about exercise to help tone up! You now know what causes the skin to stretch and how to help it from the inside out. If you’re just joining in, you’re not too late go back and read our previous posts for some awesome info! I’m not going to get too wordy in this one as exercise is a see and do kind of thing.  So get your mats out or go to the gym and let us know what some of your faves were! We loved...

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60 going on 30  Ageing and getting older is a given, but, what if we can we have a glimpse at looking 30 again?   We know that getting older is inevitable. But when exactly does that observation become so real that we would go to extremes to fix it?   Ageing is a process of change that every organ in the human body undergoes with the passage of time. It can be characterised by the a very slow reproduction of new healthy cells, The cells ability to survive and a rapid increase of skin cells going on “strike” forms...

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