To babymoon or not to babymoon, that is the question

To babymoon or not to babymoon, that is the question

Well lets first define what that is, a babymoon is a vacation you and your partner take before the arrival of your new bundle of joy, and if its your first baby, one last child free holiday for a while and one you can take without planning to ask your family for help to watch your other kids.

If you’re considering booking a trip during your pregnancy, the first order of business is getting approval from your doctor. If you’re having an uncomplicated pregnancy, you should be fine. The second trimester is the best time to go away, when your morning sickness has gone and there’s low risk of going into premature labour and this is also the time you’re feeling more like yourself (less cranky and tired).

The great thing about babymoons is you can make them what ever you want to be!  They don’t have to be extravagant or far away if you are worried.  Or if you are like some, they also double as your honeymoon so aside from horseback riding down the beach or bungee jumping you’re pretty free for choice! Some common things we’ve heard from people for reasons for taking a babymoon include:

Sleep – there is no time like some time away to get some well deserved (and needed) guilt free sleep!  Why is it we feel we can only get this on holiday?

Prepping you for parenthood:  A strong connection with your partner is a HUGE benefit when your darling arrives.  The early weeks of being new parents can be challenging, a holiday is a good way to remind each other just how much love you have for each other.  Remind yourself of this when you’re both sleep deprived and passing each other down the passage.

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