Welcome to your 2nd Trimester Mama!

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Welcome to your 2nd Trimester Mama!

Welcome back Mama’s!  This month we are talking all about the 2nd trimester, what we like to call the ‘beauty’ trimester some also call it the honeymoon period.  Why?  Well, by now your morning sickness (hopefully) has subsided, your body has adjusted more to being pregnant, your appetite is back, you’re sleeping better and you in general, just feel better!  This week we are going to chat all about what is happening to you in the second trimester.  There are tons of apps, books and experts that tell you all about baby. We like to focus on our beautiful Mama’s! In the 2nd trimester you will see a lot of symptoms you have had in the 1st trimester will lessen or go away completely, but you will have new ones too.

One of the bigger things you may have noticed growing more is your tummy – so now you look pregnant J YAY!  I see shopping in your near future!  Now, we’re pretty sure that you have seen on one of the many awesome pregnancy apps (we love Expectful, Glow Nurture, The Bump, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker and of course a firm fav for most moms What to Expect) that your baby is only about the size of a lemon at 14 weeks, which compared to the growth of your tummy, might not make sense.  The reason this is happening is that your uterus is not sitting in your pelvis anymore, Yay! No more pressure on your bladder, so this means less visits to the bathroom (but this will return when your baby drops in your 3rd trimester) – this allows for more growth as you go through the rest of your pregnancy. 

Moring sickness has subsided or lessened by now and your appetite has increased, but with this so has your heartburn.  Go back as have a look at lasts months blog for some advice on how to help this not so nice new symptom.

Another thing you may have noticed, no matter what your fitness level is, is the fact that you are more short of breath. This its not because you have gained weight (well, not completely) but you have grown (your uterus), your ribs are making room for the growth and your uterus is pushing up on organs in your abdominal cavity, namely your diaphragm (this is what allows you to get that deep stratifying breath) which leads to that shortening or labored breath as you have to work harder to get more oxygen to your lungs. 

Your breasts are continuing to grow but will not be as achy as they were in your 1st trimester and at this point you may begin to wonder if they can get any bigger?!? Yes, they can! (Just wait until your milk comes in)!  As we’ve spoken about before, if you haven’t by now – go and invest in maternity bras (we love, Yummy Mummy, Cariwell, and Annabella) as well as, if you haven’t already some Pregnancy Boobtube - we love this product because it aids all the changes for your growing breasts as well as helping to prevent any stretch marks on your breasts.

With all these physical changes you may also notice you have more aches and pains, especially in your lower back as well as cramping in your legs at night – pregnancy pillows are your best friend at night as well as fast acting magnesium to relieve the craping.  We also especially love our Lucky Legs cooling gel.

Things to also be aware of these next 4 months:

Your baby really does eat what you eat!  The nutrients, or lack there of (yes, put down the doughnut) is going to your growing baby and then to you, so make good choices Mama!! That is why you are eating for two ;)

Your skin continues to change – Keep feeding it with omegas so it can stretch without damage, namely stretch marks!  Prevention is FAR better than cure!  Also you will start to notice pigmentation on your face, chest, tummy as well as your areola’s this is due to hormones and will go away after you give birth, but be patient, it does take time.

Book your next appointment at a spa or salon!  Yes you can and we will chat about this more next week – You’ve got this Mama x

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