Your First Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 1

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Your First Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 1

Happy March Mama Mio Mama’s!  We can’t believe we are already 3 months into 2018, just like some of you may be in disbelief that you are already one trimester down in your pregnancy.  If you’re not there yet or well beyond – we still have lots of information for you in our March Blog series, so stay tuned for some great insights this month on your 1st trimester and what your body, brain and beyond has in store for you!

So you’ve wee’d on the stick, gotten the big positive, danced, cried, shared with your partner and maybe freaked out a little (totally normal).   So now what?  Do you share the news right away or do you wait the 12 weeks or more to share the news with family and friends?  Guess what, any of those options are perfectly acceptable, it’s you and your partners choice when and how to share the exciting news – we’re here to give you some ideas on the how!

First time parents? No problem. If you want to get the word out quickly and in the easiest way possible social media is a great platform to getting your announcement to the masses – post a cute photo of your scan to Instagram, SnapChat or Facebook and see the likes and loves come streaming in!  Have family and friends near and far who wont be able to see you everyday? Create a bump hashtag for them to see all your photos of your growing bump #growingbabyx  ,#watchmegrow, #peainthepod or #peasinthepod are just a few ideas you can use.

More of a traditional Mama and want to go with something you can touch, birth announcement cards are a great way to give someone a smile when they collect their mail.

Or say you’re not the most creative mama on the block?  The likes of Pinterest and Google(this is the only time we really recommend it during your pregnancy, Dr. Google can lead you down a slippery slope. We believe when in doubt, phone your midwife or doctor.) have a wealth of ideas for you to choose from – here are a few we thought were super cute  (images courtesy of and

Second, third or even 4th time around?  Besides being seasoned pros you have a little more to play with.  Get your kids involved for even more fun.  Include them in the photos of your birth announcement and create a family hashtag #BigSister #BigBrother #NewKidOnTheBlock.  You can have t-shirts or babygrows made with the announcement for your significant other to see the news first this time around or also include it in your birth announcement photos. (images courtesy of and


How you choose to share your news the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it!

Congrats Mama!  What an exciting time you are about to embark on.  Don’t forget to start feeding your body and your skin with vitamin rich and pregnancy safe ingredients, more on that later…..Stay tuned and in the know ;)  You’ve got this Mama! x

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