Your First Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 2

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Your First Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 2

So you’ve shared the news, seen your doctor and now all your questions start rolling in…. We’re back to help you with what you can expect in your 1st trimester of pregnancy.

While every pregnancy is unique in its own way, whether it’s your very first one or you are a mama of many each pregnancy will be unique in its own way.

You may not be showing just yet but one very obvious thing that has shown up is Morning sickness. Why it wasn’t just named all day sickness is beyond us. This not so welcome symptom can start very early in pregnancy and stretch well into your other trimesters. Morning sickness is not always vomiting, most of the time it is just feeling nauseated and on the verge of being sick. No one knows exactly why we get it, but there are a few things that can ease it. Try having crackers or biscuits by your bedside to ease the nausea first thing in the morning, one thing that can trigger MS is an empty stomach.  Ginger is a tried and true trick that has been used for years.  Another suggestion is taking your pre-natal vitamins at night, namely your omegas – they can more often than not cause you to feel sick if you take them during the day. When to worry – if you are constantly getting sick and not getting any reprieve you may have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is severe morning sickness and requires medical intervention.

Starting from around 6 weeks and for some even a little earlier, you may notice your breasts beginning to feel heavy and super sore, this is in preparation of your milk.  This happens whether you choose to breastfeed or not. Best bet for your breasts is to invest in a bra specifically for pregnancy….trust me you’ll be happier the sooner you do it! Your pregnancy boobs are also on loan and wont be this big forever, so during pregnancy it’s a great time to start giving your breasts some extra TLC.

  • Applying sunscreen onto your chest area even when it’s not sunny outside. The damaging effects of UV rays can penetrate clothing and break down the collagen and elastin on your décolletage, leading to sagging skin.
  • Continue wearing supportive bras to help your boobs keep their shape, find a comfy cotton bralette to sleep in at night.
  • Apply a hydrating and firming cream, such as Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob TubeTM, to the chest and breast area to help improve the skin’s elasticity.

Food Aversion – What no one likes to tell  you is the slightest smell of your once loved food can send your stomach running for the hills.  This other not so nice symptom can stick around through out your pregnancy.  Food aversions and morning sickness can also lead to a bit of weight loss in the 1st trimester, but don’t get too exited, you can expect to gain anywhere between 10-16kgs over the rest of your pregnancy.
One symptom that can give a new mama a little bit of concern is cramps.  I know in my own pregnancy this symptom is the one that gave me a bit of a fright.  The cause of cramping is basically your uterus is doing its own exercises of stretching to prepare for the amazing growth it is about to do, going from the size of a small pear to the size of a large watermelon.  When to visit your Doctor: if your cramps are getting progressively worse or have bleeding associated with your cramping.  Cramping is uncomfortable and will come and go throughout your pregnancy, later on you may have what are called Braxton Hicks which are basically practice contractions and will dissipate or completely if you change positions or get up and move.

Some other more common things to expect in your 1st trimester

Moodiness: Did you know you produce more oestrogen during pregnancy then you would ever produce in your lifetime at a non-pregnant level?!!  I think we are excused from all the crying, shouting and general up and down of our attitudes.

Gas/Bloating /Heartburn/Constipation: As your pregnancy progresses, the uterus can also put pressure on the abdominal cavity and lead to even slower digestion, meaning more gas and heartburn! Add the fact that prenatal vitamins can cause constipation and you’ve got a recipe for flatulence.  Up your water intake and exercise at least 30 minute a day to help give you some relief.

In general, don’t eat big meals; try for smaller meals throughout the day rather than three big meals and try not to eat too close to bedtime either. Getting into bed and lying down with a belly full of food could make matters worse.  Some food to avoid if you are suffering from heartburn:Chocolate (sorry!), Raw onions, garlic, black pepper and spicy foods in general, Citrus juices, Tomatoes, Coffee

Fatigue: Building a baby is serious business and it is in the 1st trimester is when all of babies vital organs are forming , leading to some serious sleepiness for you. This is the time Mama’s to cash in on those much-needed zzzz’s.  Do it where you can when you can, during your lunch break at work, or if you have kids when they are also napping.  Even though it may be the last place you are thinking of going – gym is a great way of keeping your energy levels up.  Tip: if you’re not a big gym bunny or you don’t exercise at all, think less is best.  Now is not the time to sign up for the marathon you’ve been promising yourself you would do.  Now we’re not saying don’t do anything, but rather look for classes that are pregnancy specific.  Like pregnancy yoga or pregnancy Pilates.  Already a gym bunny?  The good news is, you don’t have to slow down, just run the exercises you are currently doing by your doc to make sure your still doing things that are fine for your specific pregnancy and be sure to let your instructor know you are expecting.

While all these things can make pregnancy sound far from glamorous, remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint and most of these changes will improve if not go away in your second trimester, we like to call it the beauty trimester :-) 

Stay tuned and in the know, until next time.  You’ve got this Mama! x

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