Your Second Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 4

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Your Second Trimester Pregnancy Guide - Part 4

With so many people telling you what you can and cannot do, eat and not eat, drink and not drink all while growing a tiny human! Its’ easy to feel a little stressed out during pregnancy and feel like you are losing yourself a bit.   As we’ve talked about a few times – now is the time to be a little bit more about you, so you are ready to give all that love you have for your little one on the way.  Were here with some tips to help you keep it together during your pregnancy.

Take some time

  • Cat naps are a great way to recharge your battery, both emotionally and physically
  • Meditate - you can even create a pregnancy mantra, this is a great way to take some time for mindfulness and it can also keep you focused during labour!
  • Go to the spa and have a massage, facial or both!
  • Sleep in

Have a plan There is no better way to stay sane than to keep busy!

  • Have your hospital bag ready early, you may pack and repack it but its ready to go whenever you are
  • Make a checklist for baby – including all the goodies you have and need.
  • Set up your nursery – don’t be like me and wait until the last second, and go into labour 2 weeks early. Thanks Hubs and family for the help!
  • Start a photo book for your babies 1st year
  • Write you baby a letter – about all your hopes and dreams for them and how excited you are to meet them. It will make a wonderful keepsake for when they are older

Date yourself and your partner! Do all the things that you may not be able to do for a while as a new mama or parents.

  • Go to the movies
  • Go to a concert – I went to a few while I was pregnant and it was awesome. Not only do people move out of your way you get what feels like the rock star treatment!
  • Go for a fancy dinner – I went into labour the night ours was scheduled, so do it early and often!
  • Have a girls night
  • Go shopping – you take it for granted now that you can do it alone, trust me!
  • Get your hair done
  • Binge watch all your favorite shows
  • Go on a babymoon
  • Read some books

Exercise We talk a lot about this but it does have multiple benefits for you and your baby.

  • Stress reliever - it increases endorphins – the happy hormones
  • Boosts circulation
  • Minimizes stretch marks and cellulite - all thanks to that boost in circulation!
  • Lessens constipation, morning sickness and lower back pain
  • Shorter labour -
  • Labour and delivery will be easier, no guarantees here but strong abs and cardiovascular system can give you more stamina and pushing power
  • Higher energy levels
  • You’ll bounce back faster after delivery – you muscles have a memory and post pregnancy is no exception!
  • Less weight gain during pregnancy and helps to curb cravings

Pregnancy is no small feat and it’s easy to ride that emotional rollercoaster, keep those you love involved and it will also help to keep you sane. But just remember the prize at the end is worth every second!  Let us know which one of the sanity savers was your favorite! 

You’ve got this Mama x

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