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Welcome back Mama’s!  This month we are all about exercise during pregnancy. If you thought pregnancy was your ticket to sit on your bum for 9 months we have news for you! Experts recommend getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily during pregnancy, unless you fall under the high-risk category or have a medical condition. The good news is that if you were active prior to pregnancy, you can more or less maintain the same level of activity. Sure you might need to modify some of your exercises, but if you’re smart about it, pregnancy shouldn’t put much...

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Were wrapping up our month with our cellulite busting cream Shrink to Fit.  For a power punch you can add Skin Tight underneath to tighten sagging skin on thighs and upper arms. What it does Reduces the appearance of cellulite  Tightens and firms skin to reduce dimpling Elasticises skin’s support structure to smoothen orange peel skin  Active Ingredients AdiposlimTM A revolutionary ingredient, proven in laboratory testing to significantly improve the appearance of orange peel skin, “shrinking” cells by inhibiting fat storage. Quinoa Extract and Shea Butter Mega-moisturisers, filled with Omegas (Linoleic, Linolenic and Oleic) and amino acids; fantastic for maintaining...

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Diet and exercise are two of things that you always hear when it comes to living your healthiest life.  Food = fuel for your body and as we’ve said may times before what you put in your body gives out.  Exercise = muscle and muscle means less fat and a stronger body.  From our earlier posts these 2 work hand in hand in the battle of the bulge.  We found some great foods that have a great boost to your body to fight cellulite. Water We talked about dehydration last week and with our bodies being nearly 60% water this...

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We thought we’d end off with a bit of a giggle and some good advice.  Your body has been through a 9 month long marathon and now its time to reclaim what is yours.  The most important thing here is to give yourself time and be patient.  What took you 9 months to grow can sometimes take a little longer to return back.  Keep it moving – one thing that is vital no matter how you gave birth is you need to move. You have nearly double the blood running in your body by the time you give birth and...

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An amazing thing that hormones do (yes there is one) is, once we give birth we release hormones that allow us to bond with our babies and this leads to one thing you maybe guilty of as a new Mom; being super protective of your new baby, after all they have grown inside of you for the last 9 months.  But keep in mind is it took 2 of you to create this bundle of love.  We’re chatting this week about things you can do to get your partner involved.  Encourage them to take an active role in baby care...

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