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So you’ve shared the news, seen your doctor and now all your questions start rolling in…. We’re back to help you with what you can expect in your 1st trimester of pregnancy. While every pregnancy is unique in its own way, whether it’s your very first one or you are a mama of many each pregnancy will be unique in its own way. You may not be showing just yet but one very obvious thing that has shown up is Morning sickness. Why it wasn’t just named all day sickness is beyond us. This not so welcome symptom can start...

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Greetings Fit Skin Gang!!  Our March Mio series this month is all about keeping your skin looking more like a juicy grape rather than a wrinkled raisin.  Whether you’ve just had a baby, lost weight, or are just looking to keep your skin looking as fit and fabulous as possible, this ones for you! First things first, we have to look at all the reasons why our skin stretches and loses its elasticity. Lets start with the one we will all do and the one we are trying so hard to stop….ageing…..ugh! One thing we don’t really have control over...

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First Trimester, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Experts, You've got this mama -

Happy March Mama Mio Mama’s!  We can’t believe we are already 3 months into 2018, just like some of you may be in disbelief that you are already one trimester down in your pregnancy.  If you’re not there yet or well beyond – we still have lots of information for you in our March Blog series, so stay tuned for some great insights this month on your 1st trimester and what your body, brain and beyond has in store for you! So you’ve wee’d on the stick, gotten the big positive, danced, cried, shared with your partner and maybe freaked...

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